Dear Sweet Evan,

April 10, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Uncategorized)

About this time last year, you were concieved. Although it would be nearly a month and a half before we would find out we were expecting you, you were already a little bean in momma’s belly. What a wonderful suprise! Your big brother was just four months old, and God decided to place you in are family. Here we are just one year later, and you are almost ten weeks old.  We were so nervous having another baby so soon after having your brother. But what joy you have brought to our lives and hearts. I was afraid I could not love another baby as much as I loved Carter, but you came in this world and doubled the size of my heart. I will never forget how cute you looked in the hospital after you were born, under the billirubin lights with your little “sunglasses” on. You were sleeping so soundly under the warm lights and looked so content. I loved being able to hold and nurse you every couple of hours and see your sweet little face. Carter loved you from day one. He has never been jealous of you at all, which we worried about. He covers you with a blanky and tries to give you a pacifier even though you don’t like them. He even tried to share his milk with you! You are smiling and cooing now, and you have such a sweet spirit about you. You have a very serious nature about you, and I wonder what you are thinking about. You look like your daddy, but your complexion is like mommy’s. You also have light hair like mommy. Your eyes are blue now and I hope they stay that way. You are a good napper and love to eat! You also love baths! What a sweet angel you are. I know you will do great and wonderful things.  I pray for you to have many great joys and few sorrows. For you to have many laughs and many great friends. For you to find a wife whom you adore and who adores you back and give me and daddy many gorgeous grandbabies. For you to have an honorable life. You are named for a very smart man, your Grandpa Domingo Collazo. He has taught daddy so much in his life, and I am sure you he will teach you a lot as well. You have a strong name, to be very proud of. I am so lucky to be your mommy. Daddy and I love you with all our hearts,



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