Sweet sleeping babies

March 31, 2008 at 1:47 am (Uncategorized)

march08-020.jpgI finally have a few moments to myself since both boys are sound asleep. They look like little angels sleeping next to eachother. So sweet! Tonight Carter and I went to Target and he decided he wanted to ride in the back of the cart. He then proceeded to throw everything we were buying out of the cart! Little stinker! He also pooped in the tub on Saturday. Usually he splashes around in the tub so when he was just standing┬áthere I knew something was wrong. Thank goodness Evan wasn’t in there with him this time! ha! Oh, and here are our Easter pictures. When I put the ears on Carter he danced around like “look at me” and Evan gave me the “you’ve got to be kidding” face he does so well! Such distinct personalities!


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Collazo Family Blog

March 15, 2008 at 6:48 pm (Uncategorized)

feb-001.jpgWell, I decided to stop posting on blogspot and start posting here because you can make a book of your blog through blogprinting.com from here, and I would like to have a hard copy made each year with memories of the familia.

Anyway, here we are in March, and Carter is exactly 15 months old today! He is 21lbs and as sweet as ever. He wakes up smiling every morning and loves to give his brother who he calls “baby” kisses and to touch his little feet. He is on the go ALL DAY LONG, except for a break at nap. Right now he is starting to like cartoons so we watch Caillou on PBS before his nap. It is a nice snuggle time for us. He loves when daddy gets home from work and runs to him. Despite being such a momma’s boy his first year of life, he is really turning into daddy’s little buddy. He loves to eat spaghetti, rice and beans, and chocolate. And he still loves his milk. His favorite toys are anything small enough for him to put in and out of a box.

Evan will be seven weeks old on Monday. He is doing better with the colic/reflux issues. He is not nearly as fussy. He likes his swing and bathtime the best. He also LOVES to eat. He is almost 12 lbs. He is a good sleeper and gives me no problems at his nighttime feedings. He has his first Pediatricain appointment on April 1st with his big brother. He will get his shots then, but Carter won’t be getting the MMR because I am concerned about the links to autism. We also won’t be getting them the Chicken Pox vaccine or the Hep. A vaccine.

Derek and I are looking forward to moving back to Va. Beach in June. It will be so nice to be closer to family and friends, and for the boys to have a backyard to play in.


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