Soon to be a New Year!

The holidays went great. The boys had a lot of fun visiting with everyone and opening gifts. Derek’s Dad also came in town with his girlfriend and we took them on a tour of Derek’s boat the Kennebec.  Derek is off all this week so that is nice too! We didn’t exchange gifts this year, but each bought ourselves a few things. I bought a shark steam mop and a stepper to work out on. Derek bought some movies and itunes songs. We bought the boys some toys and books. Today was my first day really doing great on my workouts and eating well. I did 30 min. on the elliptical and 15min. weights and ate 1200 calories. Trying to lose some more weight before I have another baby. I’m looking to lose 20lbs or so. 

Ebbies birthday is around the corner! Can’t believe my baby will be one!!! It seems like just yesterday I was in labor with him. He and Carter are really bestest buddies now and I love that! The age gap between them has closed so much as Evan has grown. They are so cute together.

Since Derek got promoted we are looking to buy a house. We will probably buy the Upperville house from my mom, but nothings set in stone yet. Regardless, a lot of exciting things are in store for us for the upcoming year. 013


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